How it all works

Booking and hiring a campervan from Devon Red Campervan Hire is easy. Just follow the steps laid out below and we'll sort it all out for you. If you'd prefer to pick up the phone and talk it through with us, please do. We love to chat about campervans!


Check out the availability of your chosen van on your chosen date. Available on the right day? Great! Move on to...


Make contact with us by phone or by email and reserve and pay for your preferred camper on your preferred dates.


We will meet you at the start of your hire at either Totnes Train Station or our base just outside Totnes - entirely up to you. We will go through the camper and the agreement so that you are happy with it all.

This can take up to half an hour.


You're good to go! Drive around some of the UK's most breath taking scenery and go and hang out in some seriously cool spots in an awesome campervan. Have a great time, grab some great memories and enjoy!


On your return day we will meet you to hand back the camper. We'll again collectively go through the camper and return your deposit.

Want to talk this through on the phone?

No problem, call us anytime on 


Ready to take the wheel?

Devon Red Campervan Hire

Simple, affordable campervan hire


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