Coronavirus: COVID19

We are COVID-Secure

We are taking the risks posed by Covid19 very seriously. Our primary responsibility is ensuring the safety and enjoyment of our customers, but we also hold a responsibility towards the rural communities in the South West that many of our customers visit.

Measures we are taking

We have always ensured our campers are spotlessly clean and fresh for our guests - this has not changed. However we are placing a heightened importance on airing, disinfecting and resting our campers between and before hires commence.

We will:​​

  • Fully disinfect each camper 24 hours before going out on hire, with a focus on 'areas of touch' such as handles, steering wheel, knobs and dashboard switches - nothing will be left un-disinfected;

  • Dishwasher all pots, pans and utensils on a 75 degree wash;

  • 60 degree wash all bedding and air for 48 hours;

  • Stand each camper down for a minimum of 24 hours after each hire to air;

  • Provide disinfectant and disposable gloves on board for your own use.

In addition we will ensure that we always wear gloves and a mask when handling the camper prior to handover and will maintain our social distancing obligations during handovers.

Our staff have all been trained on the measures needed to provide a COVID-Secure operation. You can be confident that when you hire with Devon Red Campers you are in competent and safe hands.

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Removing 'Cancellation Risk' For Customers

We understand that people feel wary about committing to holidays when there is uncertainty as to whether they will be able to go because of either contracting Covid19, being isolated by Covid19 or being locked down again.

Our standard Cancellation Policy, as set out in the Terms and Conditions, is as below:​​

  • Cancel within 48 hrs of booking - 100% refund

  • Cancel with more than 30 days prior to hire - 50% refund

  • Cancel with less than 30 days prior to hire - 0% refund

We took a big hit in 2020 and we cannot continue to offer last minute refunds on the basis of Covid19. Therefore we have devised the following  optional protections.

  • Pay the standard hire price - get the standard Cancellation Policy, as above.

  • Pay an extra non-refundable £150.00 and get a last minute, 100% standard price refund cancellation policy. Don't cancel - Get your £150 back.

Our Terms and Conditions also suggest you should carefully check your personal travel insurance before booking to see if you are covered in the event of cancellation beyond your control.

Above all else...

Above all else we want to ensure that all of our guests have a safe, memorable and enjoyable campervan adventure in 2021. The last year has been incredibly difficult, but we are committed to operating the safest campervan hire operation throughout the 2021 summer season.

If you have any questions at all about our measures, or if there are other particular measures you would like to discuss with us, please contact us at or phone us on 07779558897, or message us from the booking page.


We will do everything we can to accommodate your requests.