Convert Your Camper with Devon Red

When we convert a van in to a camper we aim to create something wonderful. Something that is unique, with its own personality and its own quirks.

If you are looking for a run of the mill conversion, we can do this, but really what we try to do is make something totally unique, that is built for you and with your dreams and camper adventures in mind. We do this because we know that having that personal relationship with the van is so important.

We can work with you from the very beginning to help you find the right van for you, designing the best fit out for your needs, and identify the touches, the systems and the quirks. Or, we can come in on a project that has slipped and help you bring it back on track.

Whatever you need, we can help you get there.

What we can cover

  • Van strip out ready for conversion, including rear seat removal, seat belt removal and floor removal.

  • Sound deadening treatment and Silent Coat installation.

  • Thermal protection and cavity stuffing and bubble-wrap foil insulation.

  • Panel shaping and Flex-fit carpeting.

  • 12volt battery system installation, SMART relay charge system installation, invertor installation and services wiring and installation, including lights, water systems, fridge system and 240volt hook up systems.

  • Gas system installation, including gas locker, hob system and ovens.

  • Installation of 'Off the Shelf'  and mass-produced conversion kits.

  • Installation of Rock and Roll beds and rear seats.

  • Window installation.

  • Bespoke internal panelling and finishes.

  • Bespoke internal furniture, kitchen areas, seating and bed arrangements.

What does it cost to convert?

The answer to this really depends on three things - how big the van is, how complex the systems are, and how unique the finish is. For example, a small Volkswagen Caddy Camper, with a simple 12volt leisure battery system powering spot lights and a few charging sockets will cost around £3k to £5k, depending on the type of furniture, insulation and finishes - but that's the ball park. At the other end of the spectrum you could have a big, tall top Mercedes Sprinter, fitted with lights, reading lights, sink, gas hobs, fridge, 240volt inverter, charge system and hook up, with a bespoke carpentered interior of your own design. This could be something in the region of £10k to £15k to achieve.

Fixed Price Quotations

We take the risk out of the costing a conversion by giving you a fixed price quotation built from a detailed, written description of the finish, the materials to be used and the specification of any systems. We build this detailed descriptor with you so you can be confident that what you want is what you will get, to the right spec and at the right price.

Think this sounds right for you?

And we haven't even started to tell you about the cottage by the beach that you can stay in whilst checking on progress. Or the opportunity to take any of our campers out for a weekend to really see what works for you, and what you perhaps hadn't thought of Oh, and not to mention the lovely local village pub!

If it sounds good then the next step is to start the conversation. Feel free to email us at, or text or WhatsApp us on 07779558897, or just give us a call to chat it through, and we'll go from there.

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