The Devon Red Camper Club

Want to own a campervan but without the expense and the hassle? Then the Devon Red Camper Club may be what you need!


We know how expensive it is to own and run a camper, what with MOT, tax, servicing, maintenance, renewal, insurance, depreciation and the initial outlay - it can cost well over £2,500 per year and that's before you go anywhere!

The aim of Devon Red Camper Club is to enable access to a range of campervans throughout the year at an affordable price. For a one-off annual fee of £1500 you will have access to all four of our vans for six four night breaks - that's 24 nights at less than £65/night - almost half price all year round!

You can take up to three of these breaks back to back, opening out the possibility of travelling further afield, such as Scotland's North Coast 500, the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales or Wales West Coast.

The Deal 


24 Nights, any van for just



That's less than £65 per night

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