Camper Convoy &

VW Festival Village

Cruising around with your mates in a fleet of cool campervans is an awesome experience.

Collectively, our vans provide travel and sleeping for 12 people - that's a lot of beds! Imagine hitting the road in a cool looking fleet of awesome RED VW Campers. Turn heads everywhere you go and live out the dream on the road with your mates. Stop for night and make a collective camp whilst watching the sun go down...


Build THE MOST AMAZING RED VW CAMPERVAN FESTIVAL VILLAGE EVER!!! Imagine, your own red VW Campervan village within the campervan field at Glastonbury! Link up all the awnings. Share the outdoor tables and chairs. Say goodbye to festivalling in a tent - no, this is the way forward. It is the future. I have seen it!!


The Future is Here!

The Deal

Book TWO vans get 20% off the SECOND

Book THREE vans, get 20% off the SECOND AND 30% off the THIRD

Book FOUR vans, get 20% off the SECOND, 30% off the THIRD AND 

40% off the FOURTH!


Nobody knows how much of saving that is, it's that INSANE!

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